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Each individual should fill out an application (even teaching or dorm parent couples should fill out separate applications).

Before proceeding, please read Morrison Academy's Position Statements.

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Subjects I am certified in:
  Math Librarian Art/Graphic Design
  Physics LEP/LD Psychology/Sociology
  Chemistry Chaplain Language Arts
  Biology Music PE/Health
  History Spanish Computers
  Bible Chinese Business
  Science Social Studies Humanities


Positions of Interest
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Grade Levels
  Primary (K-2) Middle School (6-8)
Elementary (3-5) High School (9-12)
Support Staff:
  Superintendent High School Counselor Director of Finance
Principal Middle School Counselor Administrative Assistant
General Manager Educational Technology
Director of Learning
Athletic Director Dorm Parent (only couples) Dorm Assistant
Cashier Public Relations Housing Coordinator

Applicant Suitability
Please indicate why you would be a good candidate for a position at Morrison Academy.

Please give a short synopsis of your faith journey.

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I acknowledge that all the statements in this application are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Morrison Academy aims to employ evangelical Protestant Christian teachers and provide a school environment that is pleasing to God.

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Referral Source
What is the primary means by which you learned about Morrison Academy?
  ACSI College (not including recruitment fair) Intercristo
Web Search Alumni/former faculty  
Current Faculty/missionaries Recruitment Fair  

* Morrison Academy maintains a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or age.